Online Safety

At Kenilworth Primary School, we recognise the importance that the Internet plays in daily life and that the benefits of this far outweigh the negative. We do however understand that it is important to know how to stay safe online. Below is some information to support with this. 

Through both our computing and PSHE curriculum, children are taught about the importance of E-Safety and they are provided with strategies to use to spot when things might not be right. The school's Acceptable Use Policy for Computing provides clear guidance on what is and what is not acceptable behaviour and we have clear systems in place to deal with any breaches. 

Parental Support

Below are some useful tips to support you and your child with online safety at home.

Talk to your child about what they’re up to online.

Discuss with your child the websites that they enjoy using and what they spend their time doing online. Regular conversations can help you to stay up to date with their preferences and the things that they enjoy most.

Set boundaries for online use as you would do offline

Think about what you would like your children to see, share and view online and consider setting limits on the time allowed using the Internet.

Know what connects to the internet and how

Alongside your child, consider all of the devices which connect to the internet within the home and ensure that they are aware of the boundaries when using each one.

Keep all equipment that connects to the Internet in a family space

While having boundaries can support your child in accessing the Internet, by having devices in a family space, you can easily engage with what your child is accessing online and use this as an opportunity to easily monitor their access.

Use parental controls on devices that connect to the Internet

Parental controls can support you in ensuring that your child is safe online. These controls are designed to block out inappropriate content but it is still important to monitor their access online yourself. Most online service providers can support with setting up parental controls.

HfL Education provide useful termly newsletters for parents. Please click on the link below to access the current update: 

Online Safety Newsletters

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Online Safety Leaflets

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Online Safety Policy

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