Curriculum Design at Kenilworth

We first started, in consultation with our staff, parents, governors and pupils, by reviewing what we wanted for our pupils when they leave Kenilworth.

This work led to us creating our intent statement and curriculum drivers, which underpin our curriculum.

Following this, we looked at how we plan, sequence and deliver each subject in our curriculum.


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In response to the COVID pandemic, we also reviewed our curriculum to ensure that all children are not disadvantaged due to missed learning. Below you can see our adapted Curriculum maps for the next two years, following this curriculum pathway the children will have full coverage of the curriculum when they leave Year 6.

Curriculum Overview - Years 1-6

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Curriculum Overview - Early Years

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Curriculum Content Years 1-6

At Kenilworth, we use the following schemes as the basis of our curriculum. Each scheme has been adapted by the subject and curriculum lead (in liaison with the class teachers) in order to ensure our curriculum is suited to the needs of our children. For more information about any of our subjects, please click on the links below.

Phonics: Song of Sounds

English: The Write Stuff

Maths: EssentialMATHS

Science: Hamilton Trust

DT:  Projects on a page (DT association)

Music: SingUp

RE: Discovery RE

Computing: Purple Mash

PSHE: Jigsaw

French: Language Angels

Art: Art and Design in Suffolk

PE: PE Hub

History/Geography: School developed curriculum