‘Wow’ Work!

We are so proud of the great job everyone is doing and we can’t wait for our lovely school community to be back together again. It’s so lovely to see all the fabulous work being done both at home and by our children in school.

Also here are the final Get Epic scores for each class this half term. There have been some changes since last week – Year 4 are really pushing on to take the lead from Year 2! I wonder if they’ll get there over half term?

Nursery Reception Year 1
Books read: 267 Books read: 406 Books read: 338
Hours read: 21 Hours read: 68 Hours read: 40

Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Books read: 509 Books read: 268 Books read: 469
Hours read: 61 Hours read: 44 Hours read: 84

Year 5 Year 6
Books read: 288 Books read: 315
Hours read: 76 Hours read: 60

Keep up the amazing work everyone!

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