World Book Day Information

World Book Day is fast approaching and here at Kenilworth we have planned an entire week of exciting events and activities for our children. On Thursday 5th March, we are inviting everybody in school to dress up as their favourite book character. Time to get your thinking caps on!

Bedtime Stories Evening

Please join us for our very first ‘Bedtime Story Evening’ which will take place on Thursday 5th March. All children are invited back to school at 5.30pm until 6.30pm, dressed in their pyjamas, slippers and armed with their favourite teddy. The purpose of the event is the reinforce the importance of reading aloud and to share in the fun and enjoyment of reading a good book before bed! Parents are invited to attend the event (dress code optional!) to share in this experience. Children will be provided with milk and cookies and there will be be refreshments available for parents. We look forward to seeing you there!

Book Swap

On Friday 6th March, we will be holding a second hand book swap, in the hope that every child will be able to take home a new book to read and enjoy at home. In order to do this, we are asking that before World Book Day, children could have a look through their old and unwanted books and decide on a maximum of 3 books that they may wish to donate to our book swap. The children can bring in their donated books throughout the week (Monday-Thursday) and hand them to their class teacher who will note down their name in order to give them a token. On Friday afternoon, the children will be given the opportunity to go to the hall with their token to exchange it for a new book. We would like to ask children to feel free to bring a maximum of 3 books into school so that we have a larger variety of books to swap and more choice for the children. Any books left over will either be used within the school, for fundraising or donated to a worthy cause.

The Secret Reader

At Kenilworth we strive to foster a love of reading both in school and at home. To promote this, throughout World Book Week, we will be inviting “Secret Readers” into the classroom to share stories at the end of each day.  The aim of “Secret Reader” is to show our children that adults love reading too so we would like to invite parents, grandparents and other family members to come into their child’s class to read a children’s story. This could be a book you particularly enjoyed reading when you were growing up, a current children’s book brought from home, or a book selected from our library. Could this be you? We would love to hear from you! If you are interested in taking part in this exciting event, please speak with your child’s class teacher. In order for the class to gain the full impact and excitement each day, please try to keep it a secret, even from your own child!

We are looking forward to seeing many of you join us for what should be a very exciting week!

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