What’s in your magic box..?

Our children have been really busy completing their tasks this week. As part of their learning they made a magic box and wrote what they would like to put in their box.

I will put in my box
My slide in sunny Spain
My beautiful mummy with beautiful earrings
The waterpark where I can play.
Olivia (Y2)
I will put in my box
My bricky Legoland
My splishy splashy waterpark
My cool glow in the dark shoes
I will put in the box
My yummy chicken burger
My fast rollercoaster.
Kevin (Y2)
I will put in my box
Chips to eat
A burger
A big truck
I will put in my box
A timer
A waterpark
Sand to magic magic.
Thomas (Y2)
I will put in my box
My black dog
My black cat
My magic baby
I will put in my box
Dennis (Y2)
I will put in the box
Mrs Baker.
Willow (Reception)

Daniel (Y2) didn’t write what he’d like to put in his box – perhaps he wants to keep it a secret…

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