Samuel’s ‘sew’ good..!

Samuel (Y2) has let us know how he’s finding home learning. He tells us that he has enjoyed reading the letters from Mrs Chidley and all the work he’s been given. Last week he loved watching the animation of The Snail and the Whale so much that he watched it at least three times! His brother liked it too and is jealous of all the lovely work Samuel has. As part of his English this week, he has been hard at work. The story that Year 2 were given was the classic, The Elves and the Shoemaker. He liked reading about the helpful elves and says that this work was his favourite. As part of this work, they were asked to design and write about new outfits for the elves – well, Samuel went one better and actually made an elf outfit! He made the outfit really colourful and his elf looks really happy! Samuel has even made himself a ‘fuzzy’ jar and awards himself and his family fuzzies for good work. Amazing work, Samuel! Please put five fuzzies in your jar.

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