Reading is a fundamental building block to success - both academically and emotionally.

At Kenilworth we have developed a reading spine to support the children's development of reading.
For early readers, we use dandelion readers and big cat books that are phonetically decodable and to support the development of key words the children use big cat books.

Daily Reading Habits

A child that grows up a reader is given an immediate advantage in life.  An advantage academically, socially and emotionally.

At Kenilworth we promote regular reading through a whole school reading rockstars initiative – every child that reads 5 times a week is entered into ‘The Mysterious Bag Of Names’ for the chance to win a prize.  At the end of each half term the children that have made it into the bag every week are also rewarded – this half term we invited the 51 children that were in the bag every week to a film night after school. They had a fantastic time watching an adaptation of the classic text – Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter.

As part of our home-school agreement, we ask every parent to hear their child read a minimum of three times per week. This commitment to reading from parents and guardians ensures that all children are given the opportunity to succeed.

Spring Term Reading Rockstars

  • Week One