Reading Challenge – Who or What Are You Reading To..?

Here are Kenilworth, we love to share stories. In fact, our entire English curriculum is focused on a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. These are shared in our English lessons, guided reading sessions and through daily story time in each class.

To support our children whilst learning remotely, teachers have been sharing stories weekly within Google Classroom and on Tapestry. Regardless of this, we are still really missing sharing stories with the children in the classroom and, as you will see from the following pictures, we have resorted to reading to inanimate objects around the school! Can you spot your teacher in the pictures below?

We know that reading aloud has huge benefits for children of all ages. It supports children with developing fluency, with increasing their attention span and it encourages them to read accurately. By reading aloud regularly, children are increasingly able to self-correct and ‘hear’ when they make substitutions, omissions and mispronunciations: if the text doesn’t make sense, they are more likely to go back and re-read it so that it does. More importantly, reading aloud is fun! We want all children to become confident readers who develop a lifelong love of reading and reading to an audience provides real-life purpose – it leads to a ‘performance’.

We understand that life is very busy right now and as such, we want to stress that reading aloud does not necessarily mean that our children have to read to an adult. What we want is the children reading aloud, to an audience, demonstrating engagement and understanding through ‘how’ they read. Parents and carers can’t always be available so who else might they read to? This is the challenge!

During half term, we would like to challenge your children to read aloud at home to an audience of their choice. This could be a person, pet or an object – whatever the choice, we want to hear about it! Please upload and share short clips or photographs of your child reading to an audience to your child’s Google Classroom. Entries will be displayed at school and shared on our school website.

We are really looking forward to seeing who or ‘what’ the children are reading to.

Can you spot your Teacher? Who or what are they reading to..?

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