Great Fire of London

On Friday 4th December, Year 2 had a fantastic ‘Great Fire of London’ day to celebrate their hard work this half term. 
In DT we have been exploring freestanding structures and to start our day, the children were tasked with making their Tudor-style houses. During the planning process, as a class, we decided on the following design criteria:

  1. It needs to stand up unaided.
  2. It should be white with black stripes.
  3. It should have a thick, heavy roof to keep people warm. 

The children worked incredibly hard to meet the criteria and when they evaluated their houses at the end of the day, they were all pleased to have met the criteria. 
In the morning we were treated to an exciting Great Fire of London workshop led by Perform. The children went back in time to 1666 and experienced the Great Fire from the very moment that it began. They also made up some exciting dances to represent the movement and spread of the fire. 
At the end of the day, the children bravely ‘gave up’ their creations (not before we took some photos to remember them!) to watch a real-life re-enactment of the fire. With our caretaker Mr Eason on hand, we watched ‘London’ burning. 
The children commented on the fact that the fire began slowly but once it had taken hold, it spread very quickly. We had a windy day too – so the whole experience felt similar to the day itself. Losing our houses, which we put a great deal of effort into, encouraged us to consider the feelings experienced by Londoners at the time. Sadly, those people lost all of their possessions. 
We had a brilliant day. The children have been keen historians in history and enthusiastic architects in Design Technology this half term. 

We hope you enjoy some of the many photos taken of the day – especially the amazing costumes.

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