Empathy Week Story

As part of his empathy week home learning, Isa sent us this fantastic story!

The Generous Bird – A story about empathy by Isa (Year 5)

The magnificent sun had already started to glide over the horizon. The sky had traces of vibrant pink swirled with bright orange.  Quickly a beautiful cat pounced on an innocent bluebird. Swiftly the startled bird flew over to the safety of its stunning snow white tree. But what it did not know was that the ferocious cat had smashed into a bush of stinging nettles.  The bird looked behind himself and saw the cat stranded so he went to help, he knew how painful this felt so went over to the cat and said, “I know how you feel and I feel your pain because this has happened to me before”.  So, the bird decided to help the cat, and just like that, they were best friends and never chased each other again.

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