Bug-ingham Palace now open..!

Dennis (Year 2) has been incredibly busy recently building a bug hotel. Taking care of insects is vital to our ecosystem because they are an important part of the food chain. Without insects to help break down and dispose of waste, dead animals and plants would accumulate in our environment and it would be messy indeed. Insects are underappreciated for their role in the food web too; they are the sole food source for many amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. With this in mind, Dennis went to work. As you can see from his fabulous pictures, with help he drilled, painted and furnished his hotel before placing it on his fence ready for it’s first guests. With lots of places to hide, we’re sure it won’t be long before it’s full!

  • Here are some of our favourite insect jokes…
  • What do you call an insect on the moon? A lunar tick!
  • I saw a fantastic film about a very large insect. It was XL-ant!
  • I saw a spider on my computer keyboard earlier but not to worry. It’s under Ctrl.
  • I heard a rumour that there was a giant butterfly in London but it was just an urban moth…
  • My bedside lamp turned into a butterfly this morning. That’s the last time I buy a cheap larva lamp.
  • A friend opened his door and was scared by a large, obnoxious spider. There’s a nasty bug going around…

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