Amazing Science with Year 2

As part of their Science lessons, Year 2 have been looking at the life cycle of butterflies. They have been able to learn about the four stages of metamorphosis, on a daily basis, through careful observation of their very own wildlife!

The larva had already hatched from eggs when they came to the classroom in a pot which contained all they needed to transform to the next stage. They moved around the pot feeding but mostly liked to hang around the lid of the pot! Next, they enclosed themselves in a cocoon for the next stage as pupae. They all attached themselves to the lid of the pot hanging precariously for a few days. After this they were carefully transferred, still on the lid, into their butterfly enclosure which hung in the classroom – well out of the way of predators… The children were delighted to find them emerging as beautiful adult butterflies at the end of the process.

Their life cycle has been carefully documented through drawings and written observation and the children really enjoyed witnessing this incredible feat of nature.

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