Amazing Animals!

As part of our Science Week, on Tuesday 23rd March, Years 1-6 had a wonderful opportunity to take part in a virtual visit from The Animal Experience, a family business based near Cambridge. Their aim is to entertain, educate and in some cases, help people overcome their fears! Each class had their own session throughout the day.

The sessions were led by Kayleigh and our children met a variety of different animals including Milkshake the Milk Snake, Kitkat the Meerkat, a Royal Python, lizards, a tarantula, a Blue-tongued Skink, a Tegu, tortoise and more! The children were able to ask any questions that they had about the animals. Year 5 even took their enjoyment one step further and created their own animal fact files in literacy including some of the best facts they had learnt. In Year 1 the meerkat made them all laugh as he tried to talk whenever Kayleigh started talking! They also had such a great time that they spent some time writing sentences about the animals. Year 2 were amazed at the variety of animals they saw and were especially interested in the tarantula… Melissa said, “It was awesome!” Year 6 liked seeing the meerkat; they said it was really cute but loud. They also discovered that not all snakes lay eggs.

Everyone really enjoyed the virtual visit and was amazed at the different animals they got to meet – it’s not often a meerkat can join us for a lesson!

Visit for more information and lots of fantastic pictures and facts.

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