Head Teacher/Senco
Mrs Henson

Deputy Head Teacher
Miss Williams

Inclusion lead
Mrs Sampson

Mrs Pham, Miss Canning and Mrs Stalham

Mrs Manning, Miss Steeden and Mrs Kenney

Year 1
Miss Hardaker (Tuesday – Friday), Mrs Sampson (Monday) and Mrs Kyriacou

Year 2
Mrs Chidley and Mrs O’ Sullivan

Year 3
Miss Cushion and Mrs Kline

Year 4
Miss Wright and Mrs Coe

Year 5
Mr South and Mrs Crossley

Year 6
Mr Trought and Mrs Murray

Support Teachers
Mrs Ashdown

Learning Mentor
Mrs Fitzsimmons

Learning Support Assistants
Mrs Rimell, Mrs Huckle, Mrs Bruce, Mr Januzi, Mrs Baker, Miss Jackson and Mrs Murphy

Office Staff
Mrs McGarty, Mrs Elliott and Mrs Moore

Mid-Day Supervisors
Mrs Judd, Mrs Ward, Mrs Houston, Mrs Bala, Mrs Alam and Miss Morley

Site Manager
Mr Eason

Mrs Davison, Mrs Ward and Mrs Xhallo